Hey, I’m DaKyissa!

I’m a wife, Jesus-Lover, and mom-to-be! By trade, I’m a Professional Makeup Artist and Life Coach. You can think of me as your Beauty Coach or Clean Beauty Bestie. I’m all about equipping you with clean products and the right techniques to make your natural beauty shine from the inside out!

Since a very young age, I have had an eye for aesthetics and a heart for helping others. I believe that beauty can be seen in everything and a little inspiration can change someone’s life. I’ve spent over 14 years working to empower ladies through various social services and Professional Makeup Artistry. In 2018, I was inspired to pursue my certification in Christian Life Coaching. Since then, I’ve packaged up my passions and expertise in a way that helps ladies improve their image and well-being.



Beauty Coach; Clean Beauty Boss at Beautycounter; Makeup Artist for Hayden Burns Photography.

Education: Certification in Christian Life Coaching; B.A. in Sociology; Professional Makeup Artist for 8 years.



To become a Licensed Christian Counselor and open up a center for young ladies.