Hey, I’m DaKyissa!

I’m a wife, Jesus-Lover, and mom-to-be! As a Beauty Coach, I help you clean up your beauty routine and life. Since a young girl, I've always had an eye for aesthetics and a heart for helping people.

I’ve spent over 14 years working to empower ladies through various social service positions and Professional Makeup Artistry. As I connected with more and more clients, I felt God calling me to help them on a deeper level. So, I went on to pursue my certification in Christian Life Coaching.

I believe that we are all naturally beautiful, but there are times that we just don't see or feel it. There are several things that get in the way. Such as, imperfections on our skin/body, the busyness of life, inner baggage, low self-esteem, and being disconnected from God. I believe lots of changes can be made through a process I like to call “The Inside Out Makeover”. It makes us more confident, healthier, and more connected to God and ourselves. If you’re ready to dive in, take a look around. Let’s chat when you find what you need!



The Women’s Hospital; YMCA Diamonds; Job Corp; Hayden Burns Photography; Alisha White Photography; McNeely Pigott & Fox Public Relations; Deaconess Heart Hospital; Old National Bank; Atlas Van Lines; and many more!

CREDENTIALS: Professional Makeup Artist for 8+ years; Certified Christian Life Coach; B.A. in Sociology.



To become a Licensed Christian Counselor and open up a youth center.