You are responsible for your own happiness! Not your husband, career, location, family, or friends.

That was a harsh reality I learned last year. For years, I searched for happiness in all the wrong places. Thinking, if I lived somewhere else, I’d be happier. If I had a different job, things would be better. If my husband would just do this one thing for me, I’d feel better. The truth is, I’ve lived in several cities, worked several jobs, and my husband always showed up when I needed him. Yet, somehow I still found myself searching for happiness.

Looking back, I see a woman who didn’t spend enough time getting to know herself and healing those inner wounds. My life changed last year when I went to see a Christian Counselor. I was able to deal with a trauma from my childhood that I had been hiding and covering up almost my whole life. Counseling was the most freeing experience I’ve ever had. Suddenly, I stopped running and started dealing with the root of my issues. I got reconnected with my calling, started having a stronger marriage, and even got closer to my family and friends.

I learned that inner wounds need to get healed just like the outer ones. I was once the person who kept everything in. I’m a strong woman, so I would either brush it off or bury it. The result of my so-called “strength” caused a lot of damage in my life. I share this to encourage someone who may feel like they’re on this hamster wheel of life. Running towards happiness, yet never feeling like you’re getting anywhere. Take responsibility for your own happiness. Stop burying those inner wounds and start doing the work to heal them. You owe it to yourself!

Have a beautiful and blessed day y’all!